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Corporate Hub

  • While Mohali houses many state-local companies like PTL (Punjab Tractor Limited),
  • ICI Paints,
  • The Godrej Group, its reputation as a home for large, multinational corporations is growing.
  • Infosys, the well-known Indian IT services major, had a development center in Mohali, which has now moved to Chandigarh Technology Park.
  • Global tech giants like Dell, Quark, Philips, Sebiz Infotech, SCL (Semiconductor Complex Limited), and PUNCOM have followed. Denver-based Quark, Inc. has created the $500M, 46-acre (190,000 m2)
  • QuarkCity in Mohali, complete with a residential complex comprising 30% of the 'city'; the shopping, entertainment, medical, and educational district consume another 10%. It is expected to generate 25,000 direct, and 100,000 indirect jobs.
  • QuarkCity is a 51-acre (210,000 m2), multi-use development city that includes a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). QuarkCity is located in the district of Mohali, Punjab, within the extended grid of Le Corbusier’s modern city of Chandigarh, 265 km (165 mi) north of India’s capital city of New Delhi.[4]





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